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Tips to Selling Your Condo in Paris

Real estate in Paris has changed in recent years for the better especially with new government policies. Furthermore, the market for accommodation in the city has risen because Paris has become a significant tourist destination. It is no brainer that with many tourists, affordable choices of accommodation become a concern. We’ve got you covered on what you should know if you want to sell your property in Paris.

You won’t pay for a notaire

A Notaire is a government official under the Minister of Justice who oversees the whole process of buying and selling of property. The official gets paid a fixed amount, depending on the size of the property. The good news for the seller is that you won’t pay for the Notaire fees. Instead, the buyer incurs the cost. This implies that you get your money intact.

The work of a Notaire is to confirm that the property belongs to the seller in question. The official also confirms the size of the house using a geometrical drawing. Besides, he should also confirm the presence of termites, lead, or asbestos in the building. At times, the Notaire can stop a building from being sold if it obstructs government projects.

The Notaire also confirms with other co-owners whether the property in question has any arrears emanating from maintenance. If so, he withholds payment and deducts such fees first before giving the rest to the seller.

Condition of the House

As a seller, you should make sure the condominium is clean and free from stale odours. Otherwise, you risk turning away potential buyers. Before placing your house for sale, have a cleaner do a thorough job. This means that you don’t have to worry about buyers popping into the property at any time. Well, at, we inform our clients about any potential client who wants to visit. However, these are usually short notices.

A furnished house can also help potential buyers visualize the home as though it was theirs. However, as you put a personal touch to the property, avoid too much clutter. However, make sure to mention that the price does not include your property. Instead, they’re meant for viewing only.

Documentation required

To complete the process of selling your Condo in France, here are some of the documents you need. However, we are always a call away in the event you need help compiling your reports.

– Certificate of ownership
– Co-ownership regulations
– Property ownership tax for the previous year
– Gas maintenance contract
– Building insurance policy
– Floor plans
– Service charge document from the management company

Avoid being there during viewings

This is a property you love very much, and you still feel attached. However, for one reason or another, you need to sell it. Probably you want to get a better condo, a cheaper one, or you need to relocate from Paris.

As such, avoid being present during buyer viewings. This will enable us, professionals, to know what areas to maximize on and what to avoid. Your presence could also scare away clients who want to give honest opinions or even those who want to open all rooms.

Hire a reputable reel estate broker in Paris

Let’s all admit it; it can be a daunting task to sell a condo on your own. You need help to reach out to the millions of people looking for housing in the city. Well, you need not worry because, at, we have a proven record of success selling property in France. Here are some of the reasons why you should consider selling your property with us.

We have a multiple listing service

You can, therefore, better sell your condo with our MLS. The system works such that we contact other real estate professionals. We have a connection of over 7,000 real estate brokers in Paris. In return, they reach out to their customers and we reach out to ours. Well, guess what? With us, you’re assured of reaching over 10,000 potential buyers in a day.

Vast experience

Our professional realtors have over 20 years of experience in the field. Thus, your property is in good hands. We can help with practically anything you may need in the process of selling your condo.

Want to sell a property? Call us today for a free consultation. We can promise you a faster selling of your house. With us, your property can find a buyer within 48 hours. Besides, we have an online platform where you can reach us at any time of the day. We are a trusted reel estate broker in Paris.

Contact your Franck PARIENTI, your French real estate broker in Paris by phone +33783609020 or by email franck.parienti @

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